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Callsign Imperiale
Founded 1624
Commenced operations 1626
Ceased operations N/A
Operating bases Rome, Massilia, Lutetia
Hubs Rome, Massilia, Lutetia, Akrinj, Stockholm
Secondary hubs Rhoss, Alcheringi City, Lipsia
Fleet size 153
Destinations Rome, Massilia, Lutetia, Akrinj, Stockholm, Rhoss, Alcheringi City, Lipsiae, Moscow, Athens, Tollesburg, Dellium, Londinium
Slogan E 'il momento di conquistare i cieli! (It is time to conquer the skies!)

Alimperiale, Lta. (English: Imperial Wings, abbrieviation: ALM) is a Roman airline that was founded in 1624. ALM serves as the flag carrier of the Roman Empire and is partially owned by the state.


Alimperiale was founded in 1624 as Service ex Aeria Romana (Roman Aerial Services). It began servicing the flying public in 1626 after completing purchases of three Aerius 252-100REs.




April 1999 - AM742Edit

Main article: Alimperiale Flight 742

In a flight bound for Lipsia via Londinium from Nevuchavazin International Airport, Ackrinj, while landing in Londinium a mechanical failure caused the landing gear to malfunction. The front landing gear did not lock in time, resulting in the vibrations from extending the gears turning the wheel side facing the runway before locking in place. The aircraft was too close to the ground to pull up and attempt another pass after retracting and re-lowering the landing gear.

As the plane landed, the friction and pressure placed upon the wheel caused the tyre to burst. The explosion send the nose up before it smashed back down onto the runway. This impact caused the rest of the aircraft to break up into three distinct pieces: the cockpit, the cabin, and the tail. The four wing engines of the Aerius 787-100RE, along with the three pieces, were scattered across the adjacent field.

Fires erupted across the plane, killing many who did not die from the initial breakup. Emergency crews took approximately two hours to control the blaze. When the fire was in control, several survivors emerged from the wreckage before a second explosion occurred, obliterating the remains of the plane along with all but one of the survivors. Several emergency crewmen were killed in the second blast. It was determined by investigators that the jet engines began to leak fuel out of their normally extremely secure tanks, allowing flames to ignite the fuel. The remaining survivor was Alois Maritus, a young boy whose parents had both been killed in the crash, leaving him an orphan.

This incident caused a major loss of trust in Alimperiale, and for the next year business dropped to just more than half the usual annual rate. Customers cancelled their ALM tickets in favour of other airlines. It took many years before Alimperiale earned back its former reputation as a reliable and safe airline.

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