The Amazon Clock Tower is one of the tallest artificial constructs in Tribalverse-0001.


The Amazon Clock Tower is the pinnacle creation of the Amazon Empire. It is a thin-conic pyramid structure that stretches 250 meters high. Powered by water flow from the Amazon river, a series of water wheels and stone gears turn a giant, rotating clock which can be seen from any other stone spires. The clock itself consists of two concentric rings with marks on the outside. The outer ring represents the minutes while the inner ring symbolizes hours. Unlike clocks from real life, the clock seen in this tower uses base 16 rather than base 12.

The Amazon Clock Tower has a set of stairs that spirals around the tower on the outside, though it has a lift operated by pulleys and ropes. It houses much of the upper castes and the Emperor himself lives here.

The Clock Tower is also considered a place of worship. On the day of the new year, hundreds climb to the top to celebrate good hunting.

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