Antarctica is a large continent centred around the south pole of the planet. Almost entirely covered by ice sheets, it is largely uninhabited by humans save several research teams of various nations around the world that have been stationed there. Antarctica does, however, possess significant biodiversity, with various species of penguin, sea lion and seal living there.

A nuclear waste dump used by the Greco-Indian-Inuit Alliance is located on Antarctica. This has been the centre of large worldwide controversy and criticism largely directed at the GII Alliance by Rome and her allies. Much of the rest of the world has also been pressured to adopt a hostile stance to this operation by the Quadruple Alliance, which is comprised of the aforementioned. This is because the Quadruple Alliance adopted an Antarctic Non-Exploitation Resolution, resolving that no citizen of the Quadruple Alliance nations may colonise or use Antarctica for any purpose other than scientific research. The GII has launched three seperate rockets into the Sun containing nuclear waste from this site, in 1932 AD, 1976 AD, and 2014 AD.

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