Greek Mega Weapon 70 Spartan Arrow, more commonly known as The Arrow of Sparta was a large Semtex-based bomb employed by the New Greek Empire during the Nexus Crisis in 2013. It was 7 metres (23 ft) long and  2 metres (6 ft) in diameter. It was dark green with teal fins and a red tip. It also had the Greek flag painted on it's side.

The bomb was highly explosive, but it was not nuclear. The Bomb was carried by a specially designed bomber, guarded by a small group of fighters. The Fleet had sky blue and white camo, which proved highly ineffective (See:Usage) to disguise the planes from enemy forces.


The bomb was intended to be used to bomb the Roman city Tortona. A raid was conducted by remote-operated vehicles to distract the military. The squadron, consisting of 9 fighters and 1 bomber, was deployed to attack shortly after.

The squadron was detected by Roman radars, and a group of 15 fighters was deployed to stop them. The Greek fighters were slower and larger targets, and the Roman squadron quickly overwhelmed them. However, the exposed Arrow of Sparta was caught in the crossfire. The arrow detonated destroying both sides' forces entirely, but causing no damage to the city it was intended to destroy.

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