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Atra Mors Africa

Atra Mors is a standalone universe in which the Black Death killed most of Europe's population during the mid 14th century AD. Present day in Atra Mors is AD2350, or 1781AH.


Black DeathEdit

This text is based on Black Death from Wikipedia, licensed under CC-BY-SA. Wikipedia_small_logo_rounded.png

In AD1331 the disease Yersinia Pestis emerged in China. Spreading via the fleas on rats, the disease became a plague and quickly began to kill large numbers of people; over the next few years, this plague, later to be known as the Black Death, spread across much of Asia. By AD1338 the Black Death had spread as far as Lake Issuk Kul in western Asia, killing many of the locals. Reports reached Europe in AD1346 that much of southern Asia was severely depopulated and "covered in dead bodies".

Just a year later, in AD1347, the Black Death had reached Europe, its spread finally reaching the gates of Constantinople, where it quickly took hold; within years, it seemed, Yersinia Pestis was to infect the whole of Europe. But the worst was yet to come.

Terrible DeathEdit

In early AD1347, there was a crisis in Messina. After the initial death toll of 30% to 60% of the population due to plague in the previous year, the Black Death seemed to have returned, but this time it was killing everyone. Messina fell into anarchy as the economy collapsed and the ports closed. By a rare mutation, the regular Yersinia Pestis had become the much more virulent, and much more deadly, Yersinia Pestis Atra.

By late AD1348 there was mass panic across France, Italy, the Balkans and Eastern Spain. Then there was silence. Some were lucky enough to be immune or had developed immunity from a prior brush with the Black Death, but that didn't matter; anybody who had not been killed, whether that be from Yersinia Pestis Atra or from the inevitable social collapse that follows in its wake, had escaped over land to other cities and countries in a mass exodus which hastened the spread of the disease. By the end of AD1348 the Terrible Death had overtaken the Black Death.

In AD1350 the Terrible Death had overcome the whole of the European peninsula and Iceland. What remained of the Russian Principalities were finished off by the end of AD1351.

A few tens of thousands of people lived, mainly in Southern Europe and South-Western Russia, but European civilisation was dead.

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