On February 7th, 2015, Roman Emperor Augustus XV issued a short public apology addressed to Greece, Nunavut, India and the Soviet Union. It was aimed to stimulate friendlier relations between the Roman Empire and the countries aforementioned, and thus promote world peace and cooperation.


Citizens of the world,

I come before you today not as the Emperor of Rome, but as a fellow human being and a representative of my country.

For generations, the Empire ruthlessly and thoughtlessly fought to conquer and dominate all it saw. First was Greece. Our armies marched over your borders and overpowered your city-states, one by one. This became a parasitical relationship from which only Rome benefited. For this, you hated us, and rightfully so.

Next came India. A trading partner. You offered us silks and spices, and we payed you by overrunning your own cities with our soldiers, taking half of your glorious lands. This was shameful conduct that I am sure you see as despicable.

When we arrived in the New World, the first thing we did was to establish colonies without first consulting the native peoples. And when the Inuit people began fighting to liberate their lands from our illegitimate settlements, we destroyed the land and the aborigines before fleeing for the southern territories.

Later on still, we claimed Russian territory as our own. And when you discovered our presence, you rightfully requested we leave. But instead of apologising and retreating, we fought to defend the lands that did not belong to us, like a child refusing to return a toy that belonged to someone else. We ended up taking a quarter of the Russian Empire for our own.

However, all this happened generations ago, when our ancestors thought nothing more of expanding the Empire for power, resources and riches. Now we have changed. We value life and liberty. Now we must uphold these values in our words and actions. And so I will begin by apologising to Greece, Nunavut, India and Russia for our thoughtless actions that destroyed your people and territorial integrity. I now extend a hand of friendship, peace and cooperation to these countries and hope that one day, we can pave the road to a better world. While our actions in the past are inexcusable, I sincerely pray that you will find it in your hearts to forgive us.

Thank you.

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