The Union of the Bantu people of South Africa
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Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic under the Augustan parliamentary system


Tulaki Mefarl


Defuri Sentos



Bantu Pupa (P)

 Bantu, officially the Union of the Bantu Peoples of Southern Africa, is a large nation in Africa in the Romanum universes. Bantu uses the Augusta system, and borders the Roman Empire, Swahilia, and Khoisan.

Because of the government's economic support of Rome during the Nexus Crisis, massive economic downturn occurred, resulting in an impoverished population. Hyperinflation occurred, causing the value of the Bantu Pupa to drop significantly: whereas 1 Roman Sestertius was roughly equivalent to 4 Pupa in 2006, it became nearly P 1,000,000 for every Sestertius by 2010. This was one of the causes of Bantu's current political instability, with riots breaking out across the country.

It should be noted that Bantu was formerly the largest exporter of Platinum, but many Platinum mines were captured by the United Africa Militia, who are trading the precious metal to The USSR in return for weaponry. Bantu is now the 5th largest Platinum exporter, after the Scandinavian Union, Nunavut, Rome, and Swahilia.

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