Battle of Ko'Jhami
Date: 1996AD
Location: Ko'Jhami region
Outcome: Defeat of New Greek Imperial forces and major loss of Xanj Sentinel units.

Xanjin Technologist Imperium

NewGreekFlag2.1 New Greek Empire


Xanjin Grand Prefect Tanzim of Rhoss

Greek Bronze General Pheolius

  • 500 Xanj Sentinels
  • 3,000 Xanj Soldiers
  • 120 LIROPs
  • 2,500 Hoplites

Military dead:

  • 453 Xanj Sentinels
  • 1,034 Soldiers

Civilian dead:

  • 4,500

Military dead:

  • 78 LIROPs
  • 2,150 Hoplites
The Battle of Ko'Jhami was a historic battle between New Greek LIROPs and Mark III Xanj Sentinels. Despite major losses on the Xanji front, the Greeks were defeated and Ko'Jhami remained in the hands of the Xanjin Technologist Imperium.

The battle was fought between the numerically-advantaged Xanj Sentinels and the enviormentally-advantaged LIROPs in the front lines, while Greek hoplites and Xanj infantry fired at eachother from across the battlefield. The LIROPs, while outnumbered, were in their own element in the swampy terrain around Kho'Jhami, and managed to destroy the Xanj sentinels.

Despite the LIROPs' victory over the sentinels, the Xanj still held numbers and defensive positions, and despite rocket and mortar attacks into Kho'Jhami, the Greeks ultimately lost the battle and retreated. This was a Pyrrhic victory for the Xanj, however, as this was the final blow for the Sentinels, who have not been used in active combat since.

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