Battle of Rome
Date: July 7-August 18 2012
Location: Rome
Outcome: Roman victory

NewGreekFlag2.1.png New Greek Empire

Flag Roman Empire.png Roman Empire


NewGreekFlag2.1.png Platinum Air Commodore Erasmus Lampros
NewGreekFlag2.1.png S. Admiral Avner Aryeh
NewGreekFlag2.1.png B. General Fotis Iason
NewGreekFlag2.1.png B. General Persefoni Nefeli

Flag Roman Empire.png Emperor Augustus
Flag Roman Empire.png TBA


NewGreekFlag2.1.png over 18,000 soldiers

Flag Roman Empire.png over 19,000


NewGreekFlag2.1.png 6,851 dead or missing

Flag Roman Empire.png 7,274 dead or missing

The Battle of Rome was a battle between the forces of the New Greek Empire and Roman Empire in and around the metropolitan city of Rome. The New Greek Military was lead by the Platinum Air Commodore of the entire Airforce, Erasmus Lampros. Silver admiral Avner Aryeh lead the naval forces, while two bronze generals, Persefoni Nefeli and Fotis Iason commanded the ground forces.

Despite it's name, the battle mostly took place around the outskirts of Rome and outlying towns near it, rather than in the city itself, as the New Greek forces were barely able to penetrate the defenses of the Romans. The New Greek Airforce had proved incapable of attacking Rome itself due to the tremendous anti-air capabilities of the capital, so a land invasion was launched to either take Rome, or cripple the air defenses of the city to allow a mass-bombing campaign.

A separate naval campaign was launched against the island of Sardinia, so reinforcement vessels from Rome were deployed to assist in the defense there; After the naval arsenal was cut down from Rome, Avner Aryeh lead a submarine fleet in cooperation with the New Greek Airforce to launch a surprise attack against the enemy navy.

Thousands of New Greek soldiers were deployed to the beach during the window of opportunity as the Roman navy advanced down the coast to defend the capital. New Greek forces skirmished with the Roman forces that had arrived while advancing further towards Rome itself. Law Instituting Robot Operated Powersuits were used to clear hastily constructed roadblocks as heavy equipment could not be brought in fast enough to do so.

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