Battle of the Gulf of Corinth
Date: 1379
Location: Bridge over the Gulf of Corinth
Outcome: Greek victory

New Greek Empire

Roman Empire


500 New Greek Military personnel

850 Roman Military personnel


215 Greek personnel, 24 civilian deaths

672 Roman personnel

The Battle of the Gulf of Corinth was a battle which took place on a bridge over the Gulf of Corinth, in a location within 200 meters of the real life Rio-Antirrio bridge.

The New Greek Empire had retaken the western, southern, and eastern Achaean Provinces, and was mobilizing towards the northern Achaean province, prompting the Romans to attempt to cross a large bridge into the Phocis province.

The Roman Navy attempted to clear out nearby Greek ships, resulting in a naval battle near the bridge, prompting the Greeks to fire flaming arrows and bolts into the Roman sails. The Romans attempted to charge the bridge using superior numbers, but a Hoplite phalanx armed with steel spears proved to be exceedingly effective on the narrow bridge.

The Romans attempted a final offensive with handcannoners, but the Greek ships deployed cannonfire against them, driving them back into the northern Achaean province, and into a Greek Hypaspist unit, to which the Romans surrendered.

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