Centrist Party of Greece and Hydronia
Ελληνική και Αιγυπτιακή Μέτρια Πολιτικό Κόμμα (Greek)

State religion/s

None (Consider all religious beliefs, including non-theistic beliefs, equal)


New Greek Empire


     Yellow,      Purple

New Greek Senate


Election symbol
Party flag

The Centrist Party of Greece and Hydronia is a centrist/moderate party active in The New Greek Empire, 52 of the 100 members of the New Greek Senate are in the Centrist party, including Athenian Senator Alexander Temelko. As just more than half of the Senate's members are of the Centrist Party, it is able to form a minority government.

The party is, as it's name suggests, fairly centered on the political scale, though it is more libertarian leaning than authoritarian leaning, and more conservative leaning than liberal.

Typically, Moderate Party members are Pro-LGB rights, pro-free-speech, believe in treatment of all belief systems equally, are supportive of gun and recreational drug ownership, and support lightly-regulated market, but are anti-abortion and anti-demilitarization.

CentristParty PoliticalScale

The centrist party's position highlighted in white

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