Fort Leonidas, named after Leonidas I is a Fortress in athens

Fort Leonidas

, it was created quickly dueing the greek rebellion in Romanum 1, 4 and 5.


The Fortress was constructed 5 months before the day of the rebellion, as a historical recreation for historical education of what a medevil fortress wouldd be like, and finished 1 week before the war,. It is made of golden coloured stone and has gun holes to fire at attackers, it has the greek flag and 2 floors and one basement. It was armed with 4 artillary units, each facing a direction, 8 MGs, one on each corner and one in the center of each external wall.

  • Ground floor
    • Armory
    • Radio room
    • Training room
    • Sleeping room
  • Upper floor
    • Command center/planning room
    • Turret halls (the halls around the fort that has the gun holes)
  • Basement
    • Storage room
    • Generator room
    • Water tanks
    • Garden/Farm/Water storage room
    • Bathroom

Romanum 1 and 4Edit

In Romanum 1 and 4, the Fort served in war efforts, it was used once, in the overthrowing of the Roman garrison in Athens. It still stands today preparred for war in Athens.

Romanum 5Edit

In Romanum 5, where the war took a darker turn, it was constructed and used first in the overthrowing of the Roman garrison in Athens, but was used again in the seige of Athens. In the seige of Athens by Roman forces, it stood bravely, killing off about 340 Romans and injuring many more. Ft. Leonidas was the last area of the city to fall, and explosions from the forts Artillary injured the commanding officer of the Romans.

The Fort held out on resources from the farm but eventually a Roman tank blasted a hole in the Fortresses front wall, and the fort's artillary shot the tank, destroying it. The Roman soldiers rushed in, encountering heavy resistance from meleeing Greek Hoplites but they ultimatley conquered the ground floor.

No longer able to get food, water or shoot their enemies from above, the upper floor was quickly conquered. The basement held out for a small ammount of time, but eventually ran out of ammo. Despite the Hoplite's melee specialty, the Romans overwhelmed and outnumbered the defendants, eventually killing off the resistance. This caused the rest of the city still holding out to surrender, only to be burned to the ground by Romans, and the Steel alliance falling to the Romans.

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