Greco-Xanj War
Greco-Xanj bush war
Date: 1994-1997
Location: The Levant, the Hanish Islands, and Hydronia (especially the sinai peninsula)
Outcome: Peace Treaty:
  • Greek takeover of much of Sinai
  • Xanj Sentinels discontinued
  • Greek Forces expelled from the Levant

NewGreekFlag2.1 New Greek Empire
EPLF Flag Eritrea
LebasraelSeal Jerusalem Ridge Militia

SaphireDragon Xanjon


NewGreekFlag2.1 Archon Dr. Alexander Temelko of Macedonia, LL.D
NewGreekFlag2.1 Erasmus Lampros
NewGreekFlag2.1 Aesop Balaban
LebasraelSeal Hormiz Behnem

SaphireDragon Grand Prefect Dr Zaxen Dei Tanzimunovu of Rhoss, PhD


NewGreekFlag2.1 Around 7,500 soldiers
EPLF Flag 300 soldiers (estimated)
LebasraelSeal 2,000 militiamen

SaphireDragon 6,000-9,000 soldiers


NewGreekFlag2.1 At least 3,000
EPLF Flag 190
LebasraelSeal Around 900

SaphireDragon Around 2,000 humans
SaphireDragon Over 450 Xanj sentinels

The Greco-Xanj war was a low-intensity conflict between a Greco-Eritrean alliance and the Xanjin Technologist Imperium between 1994 and 1997. Both New Greece and Eritrea were fighting Xanjon as a result of territorial disputes, with New Greece claiming the Shanjiro (Sinai) peninsula as part of it's territorial gains from conquering the Hidronis Grand Monarchy and Eritrea claiming the Hanish Islands. The Jerusalem Ridge Militia, a paramilitary in Xanjon that believed Jerusalem should be ruled according to the Ten Commandments sided with New Greece in hopes of achieving it's goal.

The New Greek Empire deployed Law Instituting Robot Operated Powersuits to counter the Xanj Sentinels, and found them to be effective, and untimately Xanj Sentinels suffered a crushing defeat in the Battle of Ko'Jhami. Peace was found in 1997, and most of the Hanish Islands and South Shanjiro were given to Xanjon while northern Shanjiro was given to New Greece and some of the Hanish Islands were given to Eritrea.

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