Greco-Xanj war
Date: 1994-1997
Location: The Levant and the Sinai Peninsula

NewGreekFlag2.1 New Greek Empire

SaphireDragon Xanjon
Military advisers:


NewGreekFlag2.1 Alexander Temelko
NewGreekFlag2.1 Aesop Balaban

SaphireDragon Tanzimunovu


At least 10,000 Soldiers and several hundred LIROPs

At least 10,000 soldiers and 800 Xanj Sentinels

The Greco-Xanj war was a 4-year conflict fought between the New Greek Empire and Xanjin Technologist Imperium from 1994 to 1997. The war was low-scale and mostly consisted of periodic border skirmishes, though a few important battles, such as the Battle of Ko'Jhami made a great impact.
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