A reconstruction of a Halfling

Halflings (scientific name Homo floresiensis) are a human subspecies native to the island of Flores. In the Tribalverse timeline, they survived to the present day and currently inhabit Indonesia, Thailand and northern Australia.


Halflings stand just over three feet tall. They are similar to Human pygmies, although their brain structure is entirely different. Despite the smaller size, a Halfling's brain works just as well as other human subspecies albeit differently.

Halflings are believed to have evolved smaller bodies than their other human brethren due island dwarfism, where the lack of food means that smaller animals will survive longer. Those who didn't get enough food died, so the larger people died off. While at first forcing the Halflings into groups they later kept the structure for tribes when they no longer needed it, seeing as how other animals like the elephant also suffered from island dwarfism and came to be roughly 1 metre high.


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