The Halfling Clans are a group of hunter-gatherer living primarily in Indonesia. They are a faction that appeared in Tribalverse-0001 and they mostly comprise of Halflings. Unrelated clans appear as far north as Thailand and as far south as northern Australia.

List of clansEdit

  • Permulaan - Clan Permulaan is native to the island of Flores. They are considered the founding clan and are credited as the builders of the Goddess Statue.
  • Malkshaar Nistrum - the Malkshaar Nistrum Clan, commonly known as the Malkshaar, are a Halfling clan hailing from Arnhem Land in Northern Australia. They are directly related to the Permulaan and allegedly built a large monument honouring one of their gods, in the area where Uluru is situated in the Real World.


The society of the Halfling Clans is surprisingly sophisticated. While agricultural remains largely a mystery to them, they have developed shelters and other structures designed to be carried around.

Halfings live cooperatively. Central to their culture is shipbuilding, which allows them to travel from island to island. After spreading across these islands, many have divided themselves into individual clans.

Eating plants is considered blasphemous, so the clans have diets consisting solely of meat. They believe that an individual that eats plants gets smited for committing such an atrocity, although this is actually the effects of the parasitic fungus known as the Miasma. Fishing and hunting are common alternatives to gather food, but even behaviors such as cannibalism are considered the norm.

While lacking a true writing system, the Halfling Clans developed a series of wood-carved glyphs and a primitive number system that counts up to 1,000. Out of all the glyphs, only one is universal among all clans - the symbol for peace. Most clans will recognize this symbol of peace, which signifies an attempt for diplomacy or negotiations.


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Religion varies from clan to clan, but are all tied to a central idea of a Goddess that gave birth to the first Halflings on the island of Flores. This deity is believed to be the caretaker of the planet, giving life to the world in the form of plants. As it is believed that the Goddess herself stepped onto the island of Flores in human form, no fighting is permitted here.

The Halfling Clans also have a belief in reincarnation. However, in order for a soul to be recycled, a corpse's bones must be picked clean of meat, then buried in a holy site.

A stone statue depicting the Goddess towers on the island Flores, and it is here where animal sacrifices are performed to ensure that food remains available.

The Halflings also believe Humans (known to them as Giants) to be agents of destruction. Many clans are dedicated to fighting them.

Hunted animalsEdit

  • Giant komodo dragon - A dangerous predator often hunted for their meat.
  • Stegodon - An elephant with enormous tusks. The halflings follow them, hunting them for their meat, and the creation of Stegodon butter.

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