Historical myths are misleading information that have become mainstream knowledge. It is often the result of bias in history books or simply misinterpretations of what happened then. This is of utmost importance when considering the creation of alternate timelines. You may add your own facts to the list, but be sure to verify before posting!


  • The first man to discover America was neither Christopher Columbus nor Leif Ericson. Not counting the Native Americans who were there already it was actually Bjarni Herjólfsson.
  • The Wright brothers were not the first to design the air plane. The first designs for it originated in Germany.


  • The American Revolution was more of a war between France and Britain with America caught in between.


  • Disease was the primary cause of the Native American population drop.

The ArtsEdit

  • In "Frankenstein" it was not the monster called Frankenstein, but was the surname of it's creator "Victor Frankenstein". Also, he was only a mdeical student, and not an actual doctor.


  • Betsy Ross did not make the first American flag.
  • It has been known since ancient times that the world was round.
  • Lady Godiva did not go around her town on a horse naked to appeal a law.
  • In Medieval conditions, the average man was expected to live to around his 60's, though this was only if he lived past the child mortality rate.
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