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The History guide is a writing guide to assist those wishing to write about historical events.

What is history?Edit

History includes the development and experiences of a certain object, individual or entity. History adds depth and story, but can be very difficult to keep track of without taking proper considerations. Should you choose to change or retcon something about your character or entity, it can become extremely tedious to change the same information on multiple articles.

Strategies to writing historyEdit

The best approach to writing about history is to go down a hierarchy. The larger the article's scope, the more general the information should be. For example, a page about a continent would contain information on its geological history rather than political history. A good way to link to an article about a more specific topic is to use the following template:


In some cases, two articles of the same scope might seemingly have to cover the same information. One example are articles on the histories of two civilizations in space. Undoubtedly, if the two civilizations interact, the articles will have to mention similar information. If there is enough detailed information available, consider creating a page which documents the relationship between the two civilizations.

Be sure to use the "main" template if there are other articles that mention such information. That way, should you choose to retcon, you can use the "What links here" option to quickly make the changes.

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