Imperial Federation of the Roman Realms
Federazione Imperiale di Regni Romano (Latina Nova)
Flag Roman Empire

Proposed flag of the IFRR
Flag Roman Empire.png


Area of the Roman Empire







Parliamentary federal elective constitutional monarchy


Roman Imperial Senate


Constitution of the Empire of Rome

Sovereign of the Roman Realms (Emperor)

Augustus XV of Rome

Prime Minister

Mark Altius

Official language

Latina Nova


None (proposed state)





Roman Sestertius (HS)

The Imperial Federation of the Roman Realms is a proposed state that would replace the Roman Empire. Its government and administrative systems would differ from its predecessor in that it is more decentralised and is divided into "Realms" instead of Provinces. It was first proposed in early 2014 by Roman Prime Minister Mark Altius as the proposal for the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of Rome, introduced to the Roman Imperial Senate for debate in April.

The Senate has yet to come to a verdict, but the likelihood of such an amendment passing is slim, due to public polls stating that around 63.5% of the Imperial population are in favour of keeping the present system, whilst 19.32% planned to vote for the Sixth Amendment. The other 17.18% did not participate. The Emperor refuses to comment on the matter until a more suitable time.


According to the official document, the Federation would have the old Imperial provinces dissolved and the territories of the Empire would be reclassified as "Realms", constituent countries of the Empire. The heads of the Realms would be known as Praetors, instead of the current Provincial Proconsuls. Each realm would be internally self-governing, permitted to create its own laws. Each Realm would have a separate Senate, which would oversee the governance of the Realm.

The Emperor, while retaining his status as head of the state and co-head of government, would have his power considerably diminished, as the Empire would be decentralised and more control given to the heads of the Realms.

Each Realm would furthermore have a separate police force, although all regimental[n 1] police forces would be united through a federal unit. Realms would also be permitted to have their own separate educational systems, though if they so wish to do so, they could follow the Federal Curriculum set by the Federal Ministry of Education.


  1. The word "realm" stems from the Latin word "regimen". As such, "regimental" will be used as an adjective in conjunction with "Realm", as there is no specific adjective in English for realm.

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