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"Yesterday be history, tomorrow be a mystery. Today is a gift: 'tis why we call it the present."
"Time is what you make of it. A second, an hour, an eternity... none have meaning unless it is given."
"Always look to the future, but never forget the past."
Infinite Histories is an original, growing group of alternate universes where all users can contribute to create a rich multiverse of alternate timelines and histories, and share creations and stories with everyone! There's always room for more, so board the time machine and strap yourself in for a great time-travelling ride!
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We've moved to a new site here! This wikia will no longer be updated, but we will still keep it here for historical purposes. If you are interested in contributing, please join our Discord channel.

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Do you think slavery could have been abolished in the Roman Empire had it survived to the present day and why/why not?

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Last month's question: "How do you think World War I could have been prevented?"

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