Infinite Histories (commonly abbreviated as IH) is a wiki started on 13th May 2013. It is a sister project to Galactic Crucibles and Omniverse: Erudite Tales as part of the Omniverse Nexus Network; Galactic Crucibles is Infinite Histories' parent wiki. There are currently 389 articles on this wiki.


Infinite Histories was brought online at 4:30am, 13th May 2013 (UTC+8) by WikiBuilder1147. Before then, Infinite Histories was being planned out by the Galactic Crucibles community for several days. The first members of the Infinite Histories community were also writers on Galactic Crucibles (I.e WikiBuilder1147, Mr.Robbo, Pschycron and Krayfish (GC founder) ).

We now have 389 pages on Infinite Histories, and this number is steadily growing! Three days after the wiki was founded, the page number count had jumped to 20.

Unlike our sister projects, we at Infinite Histories do not have a pitch system introduced, and users may immediately begin creating articles. However, as our number of members increases, we may introduce a pitch system in the near future.


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