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This page states all the general rules of Infinite Histories. This wiki welcomes all new users who begin creating articles as soon as they can. New users are entitled to add content and write their of own stories immediately, though user activity is monitored closely by the admins. Do not take these rules harshly. These guidelines have been put in place to ensure a friendly, yet professional environment.

If you have any questions regarding the rules or anything else on this wiki, please leave a message on any admin's wall. These admins are:


  • Sock puppetry is prohibited. Sock puppetry is, according to the Wikipedia definition, the improper use of accounts. This includes attempts to deceive or mislead other users, distorting consensus, avoiding sanctions, etc. Breaching of this rule therefore results in a permanent IP ban. Do not ask for family members or friends to create accounts to support you, as this is also considered sock puppetry.
  • Vandalism of any kind is strictly prohibited. Infinite Histories uses a three-strike system.
    • If any vandalism is sighted in the database, the user who was responsible will be blocked for one week.
    • If, after the block is lifted, the user makes another attempt, they will be blocked for a year.
    • If still the user vandalises, they will be permanently blocked.
  • Inappropriate language, such as swearing, is also strictly prohibited. Users who curse in articles, the comments section of articles, forums and/or chat will be blocked for one (1) day (24 hours). If a user has a swear word in their username, they will be blocked permanently. However, there are exceptions. Some words, though some consider them cuss words, are permitted on Infinite Histories:
    • Damn (and its informal derivatives, such as "dayum"; "G** d*****" is prohibited.)
    • Darn
    • Dang
Any use of explicit language other than these examples will result in disciplinary action.
For more information regarding language, please see the Communication policy

The following policies take effect from 14th May 2013 onwards. Administrators may change the policies at their own discretion without warning. As such, please refer to the rules frequently.


While we do not like having to, sometimes users must be blocked for various reasons. This is done through a consensus basis with the administrators.

There is no predefined consequence, although vandalism has the three strike system. The block time is deemed upon how the other users see fit.

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