Jerusalem Ridge Militia

State religion/s

Judaism, Christianity



Party flag
The Jerusalem Ridge Militia was a Judaeo-Christian party and paramilitary active in Xanjon from 1991 to 1997, mainly in the Judaean Mountains. They believed that the holy city of Jerusalem should be ruled according to the Ten Commandments and not the secular principles of the Xanjin Technologist Imperium.

The Jerusalem Ridge Party found itself clearly unable to win a political victory, and it allied itself with the New Greek Empire, which was in a long-standing territorial dispute with the Imperium, in 1994.

Sentinels were used to great effect to eliminate members of the militia, until the Battle of Ko'Jhami.

In 1997, New Greece abandoned it's occupied areas in accordance with a peace treaty signed with Xanjon, and the Jerusalem Ridge Militia left with the Greek troops. Remaining militiamen were typically sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

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