Callsign Roo
Founded 1854
Commenced operations 1858
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Operating bases Alcheringa City
Hubs Alcheringa City, Rome, Beijing, Ackrinj
Secondary hubs Labória, Lipsia, Tokyo
Fleet size 64
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KangaAir is the Alcheringan national carrier. It was founded in 1854 and commenced in 1858 after the company completed its purchases of ten passenger jets. The KangaAir fleet now comprises 64 planes. KangaAir is now suffering major losses due to two incidents involving their planes in March and July 2014.


  • March 2014 - KG739: In a flight from Beijing to Alcheringa City, a Aerius 474-200VT mysteriously disappeared from radar. Air traffic control lost all radio contact with KG739, which was carrying 239 people, including 12 Alcheringan crew members. It is still missing, with international rescue efforts being coordinated.
  • July 2014 - KG93: Several hours into a KangaAir flight from Amstelodamum in the Germania province of the Roman Empire, the Aerius 474-200VT was shot down by an unknown weapon over Greek skies. The plane, bound for the city of Jilong in China, was completely destroyed, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board. Among those were 212 Romans, 27 Chinese and 43 Alcheringans. This enraged all three governments, putting the blame on the Greek government, which had become increasingly violent and volatile. It immediately declined any involvement in the incident, stating that a long-range ballistic missile had been shot at the plane by the USSR. The perpetrator of the disaster is still being debated by the international aviation community. Until then, flying commercial aircraft in Greek and Russian airspace for prolonged periods is banned by the International Aviation Safety Authority.
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