The Kingdom of France in the Viking World is very similar to that of France in the real world prior to 1789.

Differences from the real worldEdit

After hearing about Norway's exploration of the New World, France begun to explore Plymouth Rock and the Delmarva peninsula as early as 1245 AD.

The most significant difference is that as of 1906 AD (present day in the Viking World), France still remains a monarchy. The French Independence War of 1775 AD in the New World colonies led to petty dictators seizing control from the French government. The poor conditions and high rate of poverty eventually led to the collapse of French colonies in the New World and their subsequent take over by the Viking Empire.

Despite the political corruption of France's government at the time, the French Revolution never occurred due to the failure of the French Independence War. The king of France seized the opportunity to prove the stability of their own government in Europe.

France is in slow recovery, having made money off of the ivory trade.

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