Kleisthenes Lekas was a New Greek flying ace who served in the Indochinese war and Hydronian war, shooting down 120 enemy planes and reaching the rank of colonel by the time of his death.

Klesithenes was initially a stunt pilot, but he joined the military to satisfy his need for aerial combat. His skill was unmatched in the Greek airforce, and he was soon promoted. Winning campaign after campaign, he was instrumental in taking many key cities, eventually reaching the rank of colonel by time the war was over.

After the war, he remained in Indochina, instructing Thai and Indian airmen in his ways of Aerial combat.

Klesithenes later returned to his country in 1900, at the start of the Hydronian war. Cadmus expected him to dominate the skies, which for a time he did, shooting down 40 more Roman planes.

In 1905, four experimental Roman jets ambushed his flight of aircraft, destroying the other 5 planes within seconds. He tore one of the jets to pieces with his machineguns, much to the surprise of the enemy pilots, before destroying another's tail with rockets. Despite his impressive flight experience, his obsolete plane was no match for the advanced jets, and it's burning wreck eventually crashed into the sands of Hydronia after being hit by a single missile.

Klesithenes' plane and body were recovered by the Greeks a few hours later. A funeral service was held in Athens, and his plane was melted down and used to make the coffin and tombstone. Despite his death, the Jets he'd shot down were captured by the Greek military and reverse-engineered, his final contribution to his homeland.

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