The Venerable
Sir Leonardo Menzel
2nd President of the Republic of North Siberia
2015 - (term yet to begin)


North Siberia

Preceded by

Gaius Marcus VI


Julius Olius

26th Prime Minister of the Kingdom of North Siberia
1992 - 1994


Kingdom of North Siberia

Preceded by

Josefina Felya

Succeeded by

Position abolished

King of North Siberia

Constantine XXII

Personal information


Hurnegrad, North Siberia, 4th April 1946 (age 74)




Junius Menzel (father, deceased)
Numia Menzel (mother, deceased)


Eritrea Menzel (older sister, deceased)


Thea Christina (1953 - 1962)
Gina Maria (1962 - )


Emilia Menzel (born 1956)
Aloysia Menzel (born 1964)

Sir Leonardo Menzel EOA is a North Siberian statesman and politician that served as the Kingdom of North Siberia's twenty-sixth and last Prime Minister before the Second Russo-Roman War. He was elected to power in 1992, but his term was cut short when the Soviet Union invaded North Siberia. To escape persecution by the Russians, Menzel, his family and his government fled to the Roman Empire, where they oversaw the activities of the North Siberian Resistance.

Following the Second Russo-Roman War, Menzel returned to North Siberia to help set up the new Republic of North Siberia. He became one of the principal authors of the North Siberian Constitution and officially resigned from his position as Prime Minister of North Siberia in 1994.

For his outstanding efforts during the Russo-Roman War, Menzel was knighted in 2007 by Roman Emperor Augustus XV and conferred the Supreme Order of Augustus, the highest order in the Empire.

In 2013, the North Siberian Senate elected Menzel the second President of the country, succeeding Gaius Marcus VI. He is due to be sworn into office in 2015.

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