Casual name

Long name

Relation to the Quadruple Alliance Cause of disestablishment Notes and further information
Alba Kingdom of Alba Enemy of Rome Joined the Second Kalmar Union Became part of the Scandinavian Union
Old Persia Persian Empire Ally of Rome and the XTI, Predessor of two Quadruple Alliance members Surrendered to New Greece Succeeded by Sassanid Persia and Darian Persia
Hydronia Hidronis Grand Monarchy Satellite state of Rome Conquered by New Greece Became the Hydronian Interim Governing Council
Arawak First Republic of Arawak Given independance by Rome Destroyed in civil war Split into the Second Republic of Arawak and South Arawak
Russian Empire Russian Empire Trading partner of Rome Destroyed in civil war Became the USSR
Old Indian states
Trading Partners of Rome Joined together to resist Roman Invasion Became the Indian Empire
Mediterranean Union South Mediterranean Union of Poleis Enemy of Rome and Old Persia Conquered by Rome Was later liberated by the New Greek Empire
Central American Empires United Empires of Central America Largely enemies with Rome Conquered by Rome after an internal conflict One of the empires survived, becoming the Central American Empire.
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