Short name Official name Type of government Relationship to the United Nations Challenge to sovereignty Other notes
Arabia Arabian Empire Absolute monarchy
Austria-Hungary Austro-Hungarian Empire Constitutional monarchy; personal union through the Dual monarchy
Belgium Kingdom of Belgium Constitutional monarchy
Britain United Kingdom of Great Britain/British Empire Constitutional monarchy
Canada Canada Constitutional moanrchy
Central America Central American Union Federal semi-presidential republic
Ceylon Ceylonese Republic Unitary presidential republic
Chile Republic of Chile Republic
China Republic of China Federal parliamentary semi-presidential republic
Colombo-Bolivia Republic of Colombo-Bolivia
Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo
Denmark Danish Realms
Eastralia Commonwealth of Australia Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy UN member Not recognised and claimed by Westralia
Egypt-Sudan United Realms of Egypt-Sudan UN member
France Third Republic of France UN member
Germany German Empire UN member
Ghana Ghana UN member
Hawaii Hawaiian Republic UN member
Indochina Indochina UN member
Indonesia Republic of Indonesia UN member
Ireland Republic of Ireland UN member
Japan Empire of Japan
Malaya Federation of Malaya UN member
Mauritania Republic of Mauritania UN member
Mexico United Mexican States
New Guinea New Guinea
Newfoundland Republic of Newfoundland
New Zealand New Zealand
North Argentina Republic of Argentina
Oman Sultanate of Oman
South Africa
South Argentina
United States United States of America
Westralia Republic of Australia Unitary parliamentary constitutional presidential republic UN member
Yemen Yemeni Republic
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