Lutetia during the rule of Augustus I
General information
Population 2.234 million (2013 estimate)
Area 105.4 km²
Age 2,061 years
Status Thriving
Role N/A
Established 48 BCE
Disestablished N/A
Local legislature Proconsular Council of the City of Lutetia
{{{hog title}}} Proconsul of Upper Gaul

Current - Charles de Murre

Other members TBW

Lutetia (sometimes called Paris after the native Parisii tribe) is a city located in the Upper Gallia province of the Roman Empire in the Romanum universes. It was founded in 48 BCE following the success of Julius Caesar's campaign to conquer Gaul, and has since grown to become one of the largest and most famous cities in the world.

The city became the de jure capital from which New Gaul operated in 1327 AD, but it was later abandoned by their military and taken back by Roman forces.

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