This Mapping guide will help you in creating maps for your factions or universes.


  1. Download the blank map canvas by visiting File:World map Startup.png and right clicking the file before saving it.
  2. Open your preferred image editor.
  3. Draw out your borders using a black pen tool. Fill in the country/countries using the paint bucket tool. If you can, try changing the tolerance of the bucket tool to 100 (it'll make filling things in a lot easier)
  4. Save the file as a .png file. If the map is of a whole universe, save it as "World map Universename Year.png". You need the year to identify which year in the timeline the map is depicting.
  5. Alternatively, if your image is of the country, name it "Short-name location.png". For example, "Nunavut location.png", not "Union of Nunavut location.png".
  6. If the nation has a predecessor or successor with a similar name, give the map a number, based on the order in which these nations existed, eg "Aztec1 location" for the Aztec Empire and "Aztec2 location" for Azteca.
  7. If your faction exists in several universes, put the shorthand name of the universe after 'location'. For example, "Rome3 location Rm01.png" is the Roman Empire of Romanum 01. See Naming conventions guide for more info on short-hand universe names.
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