Mia Atheia Gaia Marcus
Mia Marcus
Mia age 8
General information


Roman Empire


Leopoldstadt District Primary School, Vienna

Personal information


Constantinople, 30th December 1984


Leopoldstadt, Vienna, 3rd January 1993

Cause of death

Neurological haemorrhagic shock



Marcus family


Anna Marcus (Mother)
Gaius Marcus VI (Father)


Augustus XV (Older brother)
Noah Marcus (Older brother)


René Marcus (Paternal grandfather)
Rhea Marcus (Paternal grandmother)
Louis Marcus (Cousin)
Antony Marcus (Nephew)
Julius Marcus (Nephew)
Antonina Christina Marcus (Sister-in-law)

Appearance and biological information


Homo sapiens



Eye colour


Hair colour



80 cm (at death)


23 kg

Mia Atheia Gaia Marcus was a Xanjon-born Roman citizen that was the younger sister of Augustus XV of Rome. She died from injuries incurred during the Soviet attack on Vienna in 1993.


Early lifeEdit

Mia Marcus was born on the 30th December 1984 in Constantinople to Anna and Gaius Marcus. Mia showed advanced creativity from an early age, beginning to scribble when she was only 2. She began to talk when she was 2 and a half, and began to show extreme intelligence. She also began learning the violin at 3.

Mia and his older brother Ornelius were both very protective of each other and were best of friends; Mia had reportedly once protected Ornelius against bullies at school.

At age 6, Mia and Her family moved to Leopoldstadt in Vienna, where she attended the local primary school.


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On the 27th December 1993, Vienna was bombed by the Soviet Union. This attack was part of the Second Russo-Roman War that began a year earlier, but which hadn't spread beyond the Roman-Soviet borders. During the attack, one of the bombs severely injured Mia.

Mia was taken to the City Bunker's medical centre where she underwent surgery to minimise risk of death. However, ultimately irreparable brain damage spelled doom for Mia, and though she woke from her coma on the 16th of February, she died six days later due to a brain haemorrhage. Her memories were downloaded just minutes before brain death.

The death of Mia scarred her family, especially Ornelius, who went on to become Emperor Augustus XV of Rome. After the end of the war in 1994, Mia was finally, alongside the other victims of the Attack on Vienna, put to rest in the Vienna Town Cemetery, which was remarkably left undamaged.

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After deathEdit

In 2010, a cloning experiment began in which stem cells belonging to Mia which were stored in the Imperial Stem Cell Bank were stimulated to divide. The experiment was designed to eventually produce a clone of Mia Marcus, who would subsequently have all her memories transferred into her new body. Though the experiment ultimately failed, it allowed scientists to gain great insight into genetics and prospects of human cloning.

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