Miasma is a fungus found within Tribalverse-0001 known for attacking different types of plants. The earliest known version of the Miasma is believed to have appeared 7 million years ago.


The Miasma consists of several different species, though Venenum vulgo is the most common. The fungus is parasitic and cannot reproduce by itself. It spreads by attacking and killing mycorrhiza, a symbiotic fungus found in plant roots. Once it kills it, the plant becomes highly susceptible to disease and other pathogens while the Miasma feeds off the plant itself. Essentially, the miasma sterilizes the plant until it wilts away.

The Miasma is most effective when plants of the same species are found in large groups. As a result, it makes agriculture almost impossible.

Impacts on EarthEdit

The Miasma alone is responsible for life on Earth being entirely different in Tribalverse-0001. The Miasma made mycorrhiza plants extraordinarily rare resulting in a scarcity of food and smaller plants and animals. Forest growths became smaller and species had to compete more intensely to survive. The shift in niches also allowed other types of animals such as large reptiles to thrive.

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