Gaulish Empire
Unrecognised state
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Lutetia (de jure)


Elective monarchy


The Gaulish Empire, also known as New Gaul, was a monarchy founded by rebel Gauls who overthrew the provincial government of the Gallia province. It was founded amid the Greek War of Independence.

While ruled by an annually-elected king, said king was policed by a number of rules set by a council of elders.

New Gaul existed from 1328 to 1385, being conquered by the Roman Empire. During its existence, it overran a large portion of the Gallia province, but was gradually overwhelmed by Roman reinforcements, and New Gaul finally fell after Lutetia was recaptured.

The Kingdom operated out of a mountain fortress which protected them from cannon-fire, but in early 1385, they attempted to leave the mountain in a massive cavalry charge. The King of New Gaul was captured and thereafter executed by the Romans. The other members of the Gaulish leadership who were not detained or killed fled to Greece.

Throughout New Gaul's existence, it remained unrecognised by most other countries of the world, with the exception being Greece.

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