New Greek Motor Transport

Trading name


Native name

Νέα ελληνική κινητήρα Μεταφορές


Automobile manufacturer and Public transport provider


1590 AD


Acamas Hatzis



Number of locations

  • Greece: 37 factories
  • India: 28 factories
  • Nunavut: 56 factories

Area served

Greece, India, Nunavut


  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Public transport


Automobiles, engines


Public transport


  • NGMT Public transport division
  • NGMT Manufacturing division
New Greek Motor Transport (Greek: Νέα ελληνική κινητήρα Μεταφορές), better known as NGMT, is a Greek car company and public transport provider.

They currently operate in Greece, India, and Nunavut.


NGMT was founded by Acamas Hatzis in 1336 AD as a private vehicle company, it was fairly successful, and in 1341 AD, received government funding to offer public transportation.

In 1512 AD, it expanded it's operations to India, and in 1642, to Nunavut, and remains largely successful in both.

Notable VehiclesEdit

Vehicles in italic are no longer being produced


  • NGPV 57 Standard model

The first major success of NGMT, the NGCV 57 saw a large income for the company, and would be redesigned several times for newer models.

  • NGPV 62 Offroad model

While the NGCV 62 sold poorly in Greece, it later saw very good sales in the more rugged terrain of Nunavut, further promoting the aspect of sales of offroad vehicles in Nunavut.

  • NGPV 92 Compact Bus

Very profitable sales of the model 92 compact bus to Greek families caused compact busses to become a standard in the NGMT family.

  • NGPV 109 Compact Bus IIX

The infamous Model 109 was highly pollutant, and the NGMT ultimately ceased production of the compact bus prematurely, causing them to look for alternate power sources.

  • NGPV 112 Standard model XI

An entirely electric model based off the original design of the Model 57, the Model 112 has been highly successful in Greece and India, though not as much in Nunavut.


  •  NGCV 41 Standard Model VI

The Model 41 Bus is the currently most-used bus made by the NGMT, currently used in almost every town in Greece and Hydronia, and several 100 were sold to India.

  • NGCV 42 Offroad Model V

The Model 42 Bus was specifically made for the more barren terrain of Nunavut, and 200 were sold to the Nunavut tribes to assist in transport.


  • NGMV 72 Battlebus

The model 72 Battlebus is an armored transport used by the militaries of Greece, India, and Nunavut to transport soldiers. It has solid tires, 5 inch thick steel walls, and a rotating MG turret atop it's top emergency exit.

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