The New Greek Empire is divided into 29 Polies, each Polis varies in size, ranging in size from just a few thousand kilometres to over one million kilometres.

Bold polies are semi-autonomous. Bold italicized ones are fully autonomous.

Metropolitan GreeceEdit

Mediterranean and EuropeEdit



Main article: Colonization of the Americas

Following Roman colonization of North America and occasional clashes with many Natives, the New Greeks decided it would be wise to form alliances with the five civilized tribes, the Chitimacha, and the Apache, eventually incorporating them as an official part of New Greece.

  • Greek Ayiti (TBW)
  • Greek Panama  (TBW)
  • Free State of the Chitimacha (TBW)
  • Free State of the Chickisaw (TBW)
  • Free State of the Choctaw (TBW)
  • Free State of the Creek (TBW)
  • Free state of the Seminole (TBW)
  • Free state of the Cherokee (TBW)
  • Free State of the Apache (TBW)
  • 'Free State of the Comanche '(TBW)
  • 'Free State of the Ute '(TBW)
  • Free State of the Miami (TBW)
  • Free State of the Ho-Cunk

Indian and Pacific OceansEdit

Former TerritoriesEdit

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