New Greek Secure Air Transport
Callsign GSA
Founded 1647
Commenced operations 1651
Ceased operations N/A
Operating bases Athens, Iqaluit, Kolkata
Hubs Athens, Iqaluit, Kolkata, Jerusalem, Helsinki,
Secondary hubs Alexandria, São_Tomé, Lhasa, Bangkok
Fleet size 137 active planes
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Slogan "Ασφάλεια, άνεση, πολυτέλεια, Ασφαλή τα αεροπορικά ταξίδια."

(Safety, Comfort, Luxury, Secure Air Travel.)

New Greek Secure Air Travel is an Airline and Aircraft Manufacturer, it's founding was paid for by the New Greek government, and as such the government retains partially ownership of the company to assure there is always a secure airline for the Greek People. New Greek Secure Air Travel has the second largest fleet of any Airline, only surpassed by Alimperiale.

New Greek Secure Air Travel is so named for it's extreme security measures, having a layer of Kevlar armor between two layers of steel making up the aircraft's main body, and having anti-missile air defense systems mounted atop each plane. There are several airmarshals abord each plane, and the pilots are armed at all times.

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