The New Greek Senate is the governing force ruling over the New Greek Empire. It originally housed 27 members, it now houses 100 members total. The Senator of Athens holds no more legal power than any other senator, but signs documents requiring a head of state/government's signature, such as peace treaties.


Originally, the Emperor of Greece and starter of the rebellion, Tymon Alexios ruled the New Greek Empire. However, he was mortally wounded by Roman supporters. While dying, he declared that upon his death, several important people would form a senate to rule the country, as one bad leader could destroy the nation.

As such, the 5 original council members were put in charge, though this grew into 27 and later 100 members, headed by the Athenian Senator, who signs official agreements and makes speeches, despite holding no power over the other senators.

Senatorial elections are held every 5 years, and one senator is elected per Polis. Voting records of senators are made publicly available and are easy to obtain.

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