Roman Republic Reestablishment Party

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Aelius II


Aelius II






Republic Center (formerly), N/A (after 1992)


Roman Republic


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The Roman Republic Reestablishment Party is a political party in the Roman Empire which aimed to re-establish the Roman Republic. It was formed amidst great disgruntlement in the Roman people toward the absolute rule of Constantine XXII.

While the Party was popular between 1984 and 1991, the most extreme years of Constantine's reign, it fell out of favour following the 1992 Vienna Siege and 1994 Vienna Bombing. While the Roman Republic Reestablishment Party still exists, it has only around 250 members, not counting the 162 in prison for involvement with the aforementioned siege and/or bombing.

After the Vienna Bombing, the RRRP was classified as a terrorist organisation. The RRRP was evicted from its headquarters, Republic Centre, in 1992 and all RRRP activity is illegal throughout the Empire. Joining the Party is also illegal, punishable by up to twenty years in prison for assisting a terrorist organisation.

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