Romanum universes

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Romanum 01
Romanum 02
Romanum 03
Romanum 04
Romanum 05

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Pschycron (Generally in stories involving the Xanji)
Majoras revenge!!!

A map of the Romanum 01 universe in 2014
250px-World map Romanum 2014
Names of numbered nations
  1. Republic of Zemlya Frantsa Iosifa
  2. Republic of Severnaya Zemlya
  3. Republic of Novaya Zemlya
  4. Republic of North Siberia
  5. New Greek Empire
  6. Sons of Darius Traditionalist Militia
  7. Sassanid Persian Empire
  8. Xanjin Technologist Imperium
  9. Arawak
  10. Marajoara
  11. Bantu
  12. South Arawak
  13. Khoisan
  14. Swahilia
  15. Malagasy
  16. Selknam-Yaghan

The Romanum universes are alternate histories which involve the circumstances of the Roman Empire's collapse never occurring. 


Romanum 01Edit

The chief of the three Romanum universes. This is where the majority of stories take place, such as the Siege of Rome and The Xanj Project.

Romanum 02Edit

A slightly different version of Romanum 01, where Rome was always a Kingdom that has, as of 2013, been ruled by the House of Caesar for over a thousand years.

Romanum 03Edit

A universe where the Roman Empire was always controlled in Constantinople (Byzantium in the Romanum 03 universe, and in the past of the real world) and always was the Byzantine Empire

Romanum 04Edit

A universe like the Romanum 01 universe, except that the Greeks overthrew the Romans in the 15th century and formed a separate, united empire. While the Romans tried to reconquer them, their forces were divided too thin to keep the other states under control and a civil war occurred, leading to Rome losing most of it's territory and military power. The Norse people became a major power in this world, forming the Scandinavian Empire.

Romanum 05Edit

A mirror universe to Romanum 01, where there was a different chain of events following the Romano-Xanj Incident. Instead of a peaceful first contact, Rome invaded and eventually conquered the Xanj people, using their advanced technology to take over the world, forming the Latino Terranic Imperium.

Active factionsEdit

List of sovereign nations in Romanum 01

Historical and defunct factionsEdit

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