Rome yesterday, Rome today, Rome tomorrow, Rome forever is the name of a speech given by Roman Emperor Adrianus II as part of the celebrations for the 2000th anniversary of the Roman Empire. This particular speech has become a staple in Roman literature.


Friends! Countrymen! Fellow Romans! Today's Empire Day is a very special one! Special indeed, for today, we celebrate and commemorate two thousand years of unity! Two thousand years of Empire!

On this very day, two thousand years ago, our forefathers overthrew the corrupted system that was the Republic and formed what would become the glorious Roman Empire! Since then the generations that lived before us built our blessed nation into the expansive and advanced Empire that we now enjoy.

However, we must not stop here. We must continue to work as hard as our ancestors did, so that our great country can thrive for yet another two thousand years! We shall work to ensure that the Fatherland can give our descendants the lives that they so richly deserve!

Rome yesterday, Rome today, Rome tomorrow, Rome forever!

— Adrianus II

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