Russian Civil war
Date: 1917-1922
Location: Russia
Outcome: Red Victory

Flag USSR Red Army
Supported by:
Flag Roman Empire Roman Empire

NicolasII Russian Empire (1917)
Russian flag White Army

GreenArmyFlag Green Armies
BlueArmyFlag Blue Army (19 August 1920 – June 1921)
Armament Support:
NewGreekFlag2.1 New Greek Empire

BlackArmyFlag "Black Army" Anarchists


Flag USSR Vladimir Lenin
Leon Trotsky

Russian flag Alexander Kolchak †
Lavr Kornilov †

BlueArmyFlag Aleksandr Antonov †

Flag USSR 3,000,000

Russian flag 2,400,000

BlueArmyFlag 40,000

BlackArmyFlag 103,000

The Russian Revolution was an war between the "White" Army hoping to further capitalism against the "Red" Communists hoping to continue communism. Some peasent groups formed the "Green" and "Blue" armies to defend their foodstocks from both Red and White forces, who would steal them to feed their troops. A few anarchist groups, referred to as the "Black" army, also hoped to gain a foothold in the chaos.

As the Roman Empire had fought the First Russo-Roman War against a government which had fought against the Reds, it supported the Red army, leading to no independance for many Russian regions which were freed in the real world.

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