The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of Rome is a proposed change to the Constitution of the Empire of Rome, introduced by the government of Prime Minister Mark Altius in early 2014. This amendment would change the administrative structure of the Empire profoundly, transforming the previously highly centralised Empire composed of Provinces into a federation of entities known as "Realms" existing within the Empire. The amendment furthermore would officially change the name of the Roman Empire to the "Imperial Federation of the Roman Realms".

The amendment would see the disestablishment of the Provincial system, abolishing a system that took hundreds of years to develop. The government's rationale was that as the Empire became more democratic, so should the administrative system, making it more decentralised and less prone to collapse, as the Soviet Union is at risk of.

Nevertheless, the amendment is still undergoing discussion in the Lower Senate. The Lower Senate needs to pass the bill for amendment before being transferred to the Upper Senate for consideration, after which, if the Upper Senate approves, a Constitutional referendum needs to occur, in which the majority of people have to agree for such a change to take place. The Emperor will then need to give his consent.

As the amendment would have such dramatic changes to the Empire's political system, the bill is required to undergo the ratification cycle twice before it can become official.

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