South America is a continent in Tribalverse-0001. It is connected to North America (Tribalverse-0001) at an isthmus in Panama, while it is connected to Antarctica (Tribalverse-0001) through Argentina after a roving glacier created a land bridge.

While still geographically similar to South America in real life, it is vastly different in biome composition. It is mostly inhabited by homo sapiens as they were the first hominid species to cross the Pacific Ocean.


Much of South America's rainforest vanished due to the effects of the Miasma, leaving behind savannas, prairies and deserts. In the grasslands, herbivores were able to thrive as megafauna, able to feed on the grass. Trees became more widespread, because when they were clustered in groups, they were vulnerable to the Miasma. As herbivores grew larger, so did predators.


  • Miasma - The fungus responsible for the drastically different biomes, having appeared 7 million years ago.


  • Terror bird - The apex predator of the South American plains.
  • Prairie penguin - Prairie penguins are slim, long-legged penguins that live near coastlines and lake shores. They primarily hunt fish by diving into the water and swimming about, similar to their Antarctic cousins. Prairie penguins evolved from Magellanic penguins, and they stand 100 cm tall.
  • Emperor parrot - A giant, colorful bird with a wingspan of three meters. They hunt near the edge of the rainforest, feeding on small mammals.
  • South American tiger - South American tigers are low tier predators roughly the size of a small dog. They evolved from leopards and jaguars, and possess orange and black stripes as opposed to spots. They hunt small herbivores, while they are preyed upon by terror birds.
  • Manatee - An herbivore found in the Amazon river. They are preyed upon by terror birds.
  • Capybara - The world's largest rodent. They are common prey to the South American tiger.


The Amazon Empire occupies the region around the Amazon River around the western most part of Brazil. Many consider it to be the hub of civilization. To the west lies the Andes Confederacy who inhabit the Andes Mountains cooperatively. The south is home to the Parrot Clan, a tribe known for hunting with Emperor parrots, and the eastern plains are home to the all-female Siren Tribe.

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