The starter guide is a series of steps that one should follow when beginning to create their own timeline and articles.

What is a universe?Edit

The term universe is often used to refer to an alternate reality, one of many in the multiverse. While still yet to be proven or disproven by science, the multiverse theory implies that there are countless other universes, one for every possible particle arrangement. That is where Infinite Histories comes in - the myriad possibilities as to what could have happened during the development of human civilization as we know it.

Creating/Choosing a timelineEdit

On Infinite Histories Wiki, you may either create your own timeline or add to an existing one. The most important aspect to consider as part of the timeline is what element made your timeline different from real life. It is best to choose a small event that could potentially cause a massive chain reaction.

The Chain ReactionEdit

Once you have decided what small aspect of the timeline you are changing, think about the magnitude the event will cause and how the world will be different. This will require research and speculation. If you are writing about something that is not common knowledge, be sure to do fact checking.

Watch out for misleading facts that have inadvertently become common knowledge. The easiest way to make sure what you know is true is to look through multiple credible sources. Keep in mind that the further back you diverge the timeline, the more that human civilization will be different.

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