One of the most notable aspects about the Amazon Empire is their technology, which stands out from the numerous barbarian tribes that surround them.


As the Amazon Empire developed largely in isolation, they created their own numbering systems and measurement from scratch. They developed a numbering system with base 16 and a 13 month calendar based upon phases of the moon. Sundials are divided into 16 parts with 16:00 being considered noon and midnight.


The Amazonians are skilled mathematicians and astronomers. Such mathematical planning was required in building the hunting grounds which furthered the development of their civilization.


The Amazonians themselves live in stone spires which dot the borders of these hunting pens. These spires are apartment complexes that house much of the richer population, and are decorated with intricate carvings of gargoyles.

The Amazon Empire is landlocked, and shipbuilding is largely limited to river travel, delivering goods from one spire to another.

Bordering much of the Amazon River are large stone enclosures which confine wild herds to certain areas. What makes this practice revolutionary is that it is a method of farming while avoiding the effects of the Miasma. The Amazon Empire contains thirty of these hunting grounds.


Fireworks, powered by gunpowder, is one of the most significant technological inventions of the Amazon Empire. Rocketry is used both as a weapon and for recreational purposes.

The variety of plants present in the rainforest has allowed them to develop various medicines from herbs.


The Amazonians have heavily studied the position of the stars. Their calendar is based on phases of the moon.

Telescopes have allowed them to view the moon's surface in detail and observe the phases of Venus.

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