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The Great Game universe is an alternate timeline with a point of divergence in 1815, during the Congress of Vienna. The slightly different map of Europe produced leads to further changes and a highly divergent world.


In 1815, the Russian and British representatives were wary of increasing Prussian influence on the German states. As a result, East Prussia was discluded totally from the German Confederation. In addition, further efforts are made to weaken France; Alsace-Lorrain is given to Bavaria, and the French territory around the Pyrenees are granted to Spain. Corsica is made an independent duchy. Greater compensation is given to Great Britain and Spain.

Current EventsEdit

Subject to change.

Following the end of the Second World War, the world finds itself divided into three opposing power blocs (The Commonwealth, Comintern, and the Southern Alliance) and a number of unaligned territories. The first nuclear devices were detonated in France at the end of the war and led to an arms race; the nations that had collaborated on the technology (Britain, the USSR, the FRCA, and Japan) found themselves divided amongst these blocs. Other nations are receiving the technology and expertise to begin their own nuclear programmes and develop the capability to drop atomic bombs on their opponents.

The process of decolonialisation has resulted in several crises around the world. The ill-advised Kingdom of Arabia is falling apart into a patchwork of smaller states. South Africa is annexing less powerful and industrialised former colonies as it expands northwards. Hindustan has annexed two of the other former Indian nations and has stated its intent to seize Mysore also. The USA, desperate to revive its failing economy, seeks to capture the rich territories of New York.


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Following the point of divergence events pursue a course quite different to that in the real world.

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