Tibet Flag



Southwest border of China



Theocracy, ruled by the Dalai Lama


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Dalai Lama

Tenzin Gyatso



Tibetan Tangka

Tibet, officially the Theocracy of Tibet is an Asian nation bordering China, Roman India, and the Indian Empire.

At the beginning of the 20th century the Roman Empire and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were competing for supremacy in Central Asia. In 1904, a Roman expedition was sent to force a trading agreement and to prevent Tibetans from establishing a relationship with the Russians. In response, the Chinese Imperial Union asserted that China was sovereign over Tibet, the first clear statement of such a claim.

As a result, Tibet rebelled in 1905, gaining support from the anti-Roman Indian Empire, and by extent, Nunavut and New Greece. With it's new found weaponry and vehicles, Tibet succeeded in driving off the invading Chinese and Roman forces.

As Roman rivalry shifted from the USSR to Greece, India, and Nunavut, tensions between the two skyrocketed before peaking in the Hydronian Wars, causing Rome pull out of Tibet to avoid further losses in 1912.

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