Unison universe
World map Unison
A world map of the Unison universe in 2072.

     Russian Empire
     Republic of China


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The Unison universe is an alternate reality in which World War I never occurs, which in turn leads to no Russian Revolution. Because the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is not established, the Cold War between the USA and USSR does not occur, and so the chain continues up to a point where the 20th century has less conflicts in it. The present year in the Unison universe is 2072.

United Nations is still existent in the Unison universe. However, the process of creation of the United Nations in the Unison universe is slightly different from Real Life.



  • Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • Belgium
  • British Empire
  • Danish Realms
  • Dutch Republic
  • France
  • German Empire
  • Greek Empire
  • Ireland
  • Kingdom of Norway
  • Kingdom of Spain
  • Kingdom of Sweden
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Republic of Portugal
  • Russian Empire
  • Switzerland


  • Arabian Empire
  • Afghanistan
  • Ceylonese Republic
  • Empire of Japan
  • India
  • Indochina
  • Indonesia
  • Malaya
  • New Guinea
  • Oman
  • Papua Territory (Australia)
  • Persia
  • Philippines
  • Republic of China
  • Siam
  • Yemen

Oceania and PacificEdit

  • Australia
  • Hawaiian Republic
  • New Zealand
  • Westralia


  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Egypt-Sudan
  • Ethiopian Empire
  • Ghana
  • Mauritania
  • Republic of South Africa

North AmericaEdit

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Newfoundland
  • United States of America

South AmericaEdit

  • Brazil
  • Central American Union
  • Chile
  • Colombo-Bolivia
  • North Argentina
  • South Argentina


Main article: Timeline:Unison universe

The Unison universe diverges from Real Life 00 in 1914. Though tensions still have built up before 1914, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary does not take place in the Unison universe, thereby keeping the relative peace. Franz Ferdinand succeeds Emperor Franz Joseph I and becomes Emperor Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. He brings about political reform, in which the government gives more rights for its subjects. This essentially defuses the tension in the Balkans.

Because World War I did not take place, the tension between the European superpowers eventually died down. In turn, the fall of tension meant that the Russian Revolution never took place, so the Imperial government remains in power to this day. Russia also began to copy Austria-Hungary in its acts of instating more democracy in its political system.

The Cold War also never began, since the rise of Communism never occurred in the first place. The United States does not become a superpower, and it remains a small country.

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