Vienna Siege
Date: 1992 AD
Location: Vienna
Outcome: Roman Imperial Victory

Flag Roman Empire Roman Empire

  • Roman Imperial Police
  • Roman Imperial Special Forces

Flag Roman RepublicRoman Republic Reestablishment Party

  • RRRP Militia

Major Aemilius

Aelius II


200 Roman police officers, 350 Roman special forces agents

328 Armed Militiamen


29 Special forces agents, 22 Roman police Officers

327 Militiamen, 213 unarmed residents

The Vienna Siege was a siege on the Roman Republic Reestablishment Party's headquarters by the Roman Police, following a denial of entry to the police into the compound. The Siege ended with most of the compound's staff and residents dead, and over 51 roman officers dead.

Initially, the Roman Republic Reestablishment Party was suspected of possessing stolen property, and Roman Police had obtained a search warrant to inspect the property. Upon reaching the outer fence of the property, the Police were denied access, and upon seeing armed individuals approaching the gate, pulled out their handguns, leading to a firefight in which an officer and 2 compound residents were shot.

The Police retreated, and later returned with Roman Special forces, blockading the compound for 2 months, not allowing any supplies in, and arresting anyone who attempted to bring food, water, or weapons in. Eventually, after two failed attempts to have reinforcements bring supplies to the compound, the RRRP began firing at the Roman officers while several RRRP members snuck in food, seeds, water, and ammunition.

The Police soon retaliated, breaking down the outer wall of the compound by ramming the gate with an armoured car. The police rushed in, firing at militiamen sniping from houses, killing several civilians and officers in the process, followed by an anti-tank rocket being fired at the armoured car, killing the officers inside and presenting an obstacle for the armoured police vehicles to get around (being to heavy to drive on the soft offroad terrain).

Inside the compound, the RRRP militia was poorly organized, and their only equipment was specialized bulletproof helmets, making them easily rushed over and eliminated by Roman Police forces. The RRRP militia attempted to blockade other roads with their civilian vehicles, but the Roman Special Forces employed explosives to clear the roads.

Roman Special Forces then used an Infantry Fighting Vehicle to blast down the inner wall of the compound, and fire upon the main structure, before it too was attacked by an anti-tank rocket. The Roman Special forces launched a final charge on the main structure, killing many of the militiamen and Aelius II himself.

RRRP reinforcements arrived from Italy shortly after, but they were too late to assist in combat, and retreated, later conducting the Vienna Bombing as retaliation for the Siege.

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